Monday, November 7, 2011


I'm a little slow on the posting, but doing it none the less! I can't believe October has already come and gone! My baby girl will be turning 2 this month, I can't believe it! We started to get in the halloween spirit by making sugar cookies, 4 hours later we finished them! A good remider to myself only to do that for holidays, with a 2 yr old it takes waaaaay too long! But we had fun anyways, and had a grand finale of a jar of sprinkles spilt EVERYWHERE :) We hit up the pumpkin patch at the "Big Red Barn" this year, Ashlyn loved the tractor ride, and following all the other kids around, I ended up picking out her pumkin, and sadly we only got a couple pics before my camera died ;( We went to our ward trunk or treat, which is always a good time, Ashlyn got a lot of candy, and loved looking at everyone in their costumes. This year was fun cause she could walk and grab her own candy. Next stop was the great grandparents and grandparents. She gets so spoiled by her grandma and grandpa Jones, she loved it! Needless to say my little bumble bee was still buzzin around way past her bed time, gotta love all that candy! All in all we had a great halloween. It's so fun with kids, all the holidays come to life again. Till next time!

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