Wednesday, October 12, 2011

not quite done...

I thought I was done but I'm not. I forgot to mention a couple weeks ago Liz and I went home to good 'ol Monticello over the muzzleload hunt and were able to spend some good quality time with our lovely Mom! I being in a rush to get down there, forgot to grab my camera! But we had a great time, we canned lots of peaches, and made some plum jelly, and of coarse had to hit up Wagon Wheel pizza, and the Shake Shack for a little icecream. It's not quite the same without Jan running the place, but it's kind of a tradition to go, and the fact that it's open year round now helps. We also got to spend some time with my brother Dustin, he left for Turkey today :( I hope he has so much fun, but our prayers are with him. And if any of you ladies know a cute single lady, that can put up with 5 protective sister in-laws, you just let me know. Yes, the boy is still batch, and we need to get him married! Anyways, I'm about done, but I have to publicaly give my Dad credit for calling all of our pregnancy genders! There are 3 of us sister pregnant, and due within 3-4 weeks of eachother, so it will be so much fun to have cousins so close. As my Dad called it:

Rachel: Boy
Natalie: Girl
Liz: Girl

So no need for ultrasounds in this family, just a phone call to Dad.

A Bit of "Homemade"

Sour cream poppy seed strausel muffins yummy ;)
recipe at


Candice said...

Congratulations!!! You're dad is so smart :) One of these days you need to come visit me and teach me how to can stuff.

Kelly said...

I love your cute belly:) Cute bows! Don't they(the kiddies) say the cutest/funniest stuff ever?!! Glad u could make it to cello! That will be so fun to have all the cousins so close!

Raevan Blake said...

Well, I posted on the wrong one, but she is so big and cute!! I love the stage where they are really learning to talk, it it hilarious and so adorable:). You look great Nat!!

Kev and Niki said...

Congrats congrats congrats!!!! You guys make really cute little girls so this is perfect!

Anna said...

i didn't know you were expecting again! congrats! you look awesome. stop by next time you come visit the fam! :)