Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Its a Girl!!!

This post is a little overdue, most of you probably already know, but for those of you that don't know, we are being blessed with another baby girl. I thought I would have a boy, cause this pregnancy has been so different, but that just goes to show every pregnancy is different regaurdless of the gender. But we are happy either way, and just greatful we can have healthy children. Not to mention my renewal of excitment for all the cute clothes, headbands, and playing pretend princesses we have to come. I can't lie, I'm pretty excited to bust out my old polly pockets, and get to play dress up and have tea parties again! I love being a mom, and watching my little angel grow and discover.

Favorite sayings by Ashlyn:

"salsa" I could have her repeat that 100 times a day, she sounds so cute!
"Mom? yay" Before I even have a chance to respond
"Chocy milk"
"Co cone"
"1... 2... 2... 1.... 2..."
"fify" for fishy
"Sowy" sorry

I could go on, she learns so much everyday, and it's fun to be able to carry on a conversation, even if it's a very simple one. I can't wait to welcome our second addition to our family and watch the love grow!

I'm 23 weeks and due Feb. 11th

Funny story, While I was getting my ultrasound my Doctor said, "man she is a busy baby" I sit my head up, look at my little one busy squirming on the screen, then to the end of the room where Devin is chasing Ashlyn around, trying to keep her from opening every cupboard and drawer in the room, then at my Dr. and said "which one?" So needless to say I think I'm gonna have my hands full!


Andrea said...

YOU'RE DUE ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! I am forever hoping to share my bday with someone's baby. Congrats again!

Angela said...

Congratulations!! Can't wait to see her! Have you picked out a name?

Raevan Blake said...

Love that your dad tells you too! He has been right both times and when Andrea came down and wanted to bring a baby gift we had a few days until my ultrasound. So I told her to get boy stuff since that's what my dad said and he was right!:)