Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Playing catch up...

I have gotten behind again, so I will start with our christmas and go from there! We continued our tradition of getting our own tree. Both our families did, so it's a tradition we want to continue. It was a little harder being over 7 months pregnant, and a 2 year old but it's tradition right? We tried a new spot, cause the place we always go is super steep, and a lot of hiking. But we couldn't find any that compared, so after our second spot failed us, we retreated back to our original place. It took twice as long, but we found our tree :)

Christmas Eve!
This year was the first year we stayed in Nephi. We went to the Annual Jones christmas party for christmas eve. Then enjoyed our own little christmas morning at our house. It was so fun to watch Ashlyn search through her stocking (and ours), and she loved unwrapping presents! Her christmas vocabulary consisted of "Santa clause, reindeer, snowman, hot chocy, treats :) pooh bear,baby je je and jingle bells! It was so fun to be able to share this special time of year with her, and our family. Always my little helper in the kitchen

Afterwards all the kids started dancing to the music, hands down best entertainment of the night!
Bad idea to take a family pic at the end of the night...

Christmas Morning

This is how our little munchkin spent the majority of her morning, she would rather be free of any restraints clothes bring.

We had a great christmas, and are so thankful for the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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