Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Birthday and New years!

This year on the 30th I turned the big 25! I know I am now officially closer to 50... But none the less, I look forward to my birthday every year, cause my husband really spoils me. We went to dinner of my choice, this year was PF Changs, then he took me shopping to get some pants, maternity this year... But I love it when he goes shopping with me, it means so much more when they take the time and hand you different styles and sizes, he is a big sweet heart and he spoils me like crazy! Afterwards we went and got ice cream, and just enjoyed being with eachother with out any kids. It's always a good reminder of why we fell in love. Sorry to be mushy but I love date nights! I took my camera, but forgot to take pics... All in all I had a wonderful birthday ;)
New Years!
Just to add to all the fun we through a new years party. Our good friends came over and we just talked, ate, and played games (my kind of party)It's always a good time when you get Devin and Gus together...

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