Thursday, August 4, 2011

More Pictures...

The 24th In Monticello, I feel bad I didn't get any pictures of my parents! We had so much fun, they rode the horses up to my uncles cabin. We had dinner,with smores and sparklers to follow. The whole fam couldn't make it but we had a great time with the newly weds and my parents. I love going home and being on our beautiful blue mtns. There were so many stars that night, not a single competing light, I wish I got a picture!But that is a quick review of spring and summer. There will be more to come!

Payson Pool

Ute Stampede

Fishin up the canyon

Fun times at the lake

4th of July Fun!

Pace Reunion at Brian Head

Cook out up the canyon


Felix & Kashay said...

She is getting so big Natalie!!!! Im glad you updated!!!!

Kelly said...

So glad u have internet again:) Little Ashlyn is just too cute! Love her cowgirl attire! Glad u guys made it over the other night!