Thursday, April 8, 2010


So I just got done typing a very long detailed post, and I went to publish it, and apparently I wasn't connected to the internet the entire time! Thats why I don't blog and regularly update my blog, cause it ends up taking me 2 hours... Anyways, my hands are tired now, so I will give you a brief summary of what I just wrote... We are now back in Nephi living and Running the RV park that Devin's parents own, waiting to start on our home, we are plannning on building here if everything goes through with our financing. I like it here, I love small towns and the small town feel. Devin is still working for his dad doing construction, and recenlty started a new job selling granite countertops, It's nice cause he can still work full time for his dad, and do that on the side. So if anyone knows anyone that needs countertops, let me know! Ashlyn is getting so big! She will be 5 months on the 19th of this month, she is so close to rolling over, and loves to grab things, especially my cereal bowl and paper. She loves to smile and laugh, and when her dadddy sings "intsy bintzy spider" to her (ya I know it a remake of itsy bitsy...) Ilove being a mom, I had know idea what I was missing out on, I thank Heavenly Father everyday for our sweet little family. Easter was fun, we spent it out at the sand dunes with Devin's big family, we took Ashlyn for her first 4-wheeler ride, shehad fun, and so did the rest of us. Then my parents came down Sunday and stopped by on their way home, it was my Dad's birthday on the 3rd, he is already 54! Time is going by so fast... It was so fun to see them,so I'm glad they stopped by. A couple weekends ago we went to St. George, it was warmer there so we were able to take Ashlyn out to play, she loved looking at the new world around her, and the blue sky. I can't wait for summer and the warm weather so we can take her out more and play! I will now attempt to post some pictures... with me luck! :)

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