Friday, May 4, 2012

Catch up!

For Easter we headed out to the duns for the annual Jones camp out. We alwasy have so much fun. There was 5 new babies this year, so I wasn't a loner in the trailer. We tested our camper out for the first time and it was awesome! I love it even more. Its perfect for us, and it was so nice to have our own space. Ashlyn was in sand heavan, by the end of the weekend she looked like a walking zombie. She played so hard and had a blast, as soon as we loaded in the truck, we werent 10ft from the camp when she passed out! And my pretty baby girls in their easter dresses.
ST. PATRICKS DAY This is way over due, but for St. Patricks Day a little lepricon was sneaking around our house... we weren't able to catch him, but he left us some clues to his hidden pot of treasures (candy is defidently worth more to Ashlyn than gold). And I made this little basket for Devin, and a little lepricon left him 3 wishes too wink wink :) Got the idea from it's a great place if your wanting to spice up the love life.


Andrea said...

I see my little nudge to put up some pictures paid off :)

Kelly said...

Wow, Jada is already so big. Hopefully we can get together again soon. Looks like you had lots of fun camping. We camped last week-love it!

Keri Ramsay Sorensen said...

Fun! Love all the pics, Nat! We need to get together again soon! Remember the goal is at least once a month ;)