Friday, November 5, 2010


I can't believe October has already come and gone... Halloween was fun, I made sugar cookies and chili for our ward dinner and trunk or treat, then we took Ashlyn to the trunk or treat, she loved grabbing all the candy, she didn't quite get the concept down, but she started to get the hang of it! Then we just took her around to the grandparents. I haven't taken any new pics of the house, so I will have to do that today, but it's coming along good. Kelly already posted some pics, but I will too! We went and visited Keri and Kelly on Wednesday, it was good to see them again,we will always be BFF. We have been friends since before kindergarten, we grew up living across the street and were together close to everyday of our lives. I love you guys and I was blessed to have as good of friends as you.

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Kelly said...

Ahh thanks Nat! It is crazy how long we've been friends! It's pretty awesome! Love ya too! Excited about our craft class:) Thanks for coming to visit! Ashlyn is a cutie pie and you're gorgeous as always! See ya soon!