Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall is here!

I love this time of year, its cooling off but there its still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors. I went to Monticello last weekend to see my family, it was so good to go home! Rachel and I followed eachother down so we got to meet up in Green River for a little break and let the kids move around. Unfortunaley I don't have any pictures back yet, Devin took our camera deer hunting, just incase he got a big one, so I had this little disposable one that we got at our wedding or something, it was so wierd going back to those, and having to scroll the wheel back before you take another one, then just hoping the picture turned out ok cause you cant review it and take another one. It reminded me how much technology has changed in such a short amount of time, and how thankful I am for digital! Anyways, me, my Mom and Ray bottled apple pie filling and salsa, it was good for me to learn from my mom, when she tried teaching me I "had better things to do" so now I hang onto every word, she knows so much and is such a great homemaker, my next task is crocheting, she taught me a while ago, but I have already forgotten... Then we just hung out, and went on walks, hit up the Shake Shack, its totally not the same, I ordered a southwest, which was my favorite sandwich there, and it wasn't have as good, I wanted to go back and make it myself (you shake shack girls know what I mean:)But my shake was good... Then we busted out the warm drinks and watched a movie and did our nails(besides dust he just watched the movie), and we stayed up talking in the bathroom with Dustin while getting ready for bed just like the old days. Its crazy how much life changes in such a short amount of time, but change is good and exciting. I miss my family and all our great memories, but I love all our new additions which has just made it bigger and better, and more memories. Anyways, here are some new pics, enjoy!

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