Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer is almost gone :(

I can't believe August is on its way to over! We had a great summer though, Trevor and Chantell got married July 30st, we hit up the Ute stampede, the lake, the 4th, the 24th in 'Cello, and the Demolition Derby last week (they are so fun,anyone that hasn't been to one needs to go!). Then we took Ashlyn the to County fair and showed her all the cows,chickens,bunnys, and all the other little animals. When I showed her the pigs she started laughing at the noise they make, cause I always make that noise at home to make her laugh, so she thought they were so funny!Our house is coming along, I will post some pics, I'm getting so excited! Devin plans on it being ready around the first of December, so it will be the best Christmas present ever! I love that he can build things, I'm amazed at the end of the day how much he can accomplish and do, He is so amazing and such a hard worker, he goes to work all day, then comes home and works on our house till dark, I couldn't have dreampt of a better man and Daddy.Today we went up to Danilles baby blessing for Nora, she is so cute, we got to see Grandma and Grandpa Pace and all my other family we rarely see, so it was so fun to see everyone again! We went on a 4 wheeler ride up the mountain yesterday with Ashlyn, it was so pretty, I love the outdoors, but I can tell summer is coming to an end, but I love fall so I'm looking forward to it!

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