Sunday, February 15, 2009

In with the In-Laws!!!

So It has officially been two weeks since we have been living with Devin's fam, it really hasn't been to bad, it quite nice actually... Dinner is ready when I get home from work, I haven't had to do all the house work (I'm not a total mooch I have been helping with dishes and keeping stuff clean), haven't had to do any grocery shopping, no utilities, no rent, we have our own little space upstairs with bathroom, Dev calls it our "Little Love Shack" ha ha. I do miss having our own house so as soon as everything gets settled with the duplex we are going to start looking for a home!!! I am really excited to find something that we will love, and to decorate, and paint, (Janell I'm going to need your help :) but not looking forward to the move. Some how we accumulated a trailer, two truck, and two car loads worth of stuff, and only about 5 boxes, so we are about out of trash bags, and stuff is still stuffed into places I'm not sure of... Despite all that we are still having so much fun doing it all together. For Valentines we went to dinner with a few friends, then hit up "Taken" I really liked, that guy just kicks everyones butt, no questions asked. By the end of that movie I wanted to work for the government so I could get all the training, then just spend the rest of my life beating bad guys up. But by the end of the drive I decided my family was more important so I would put my efforts towards that. Then Saturday we went snowboarding with Dev's brother and a girl, we went up to fairview, which is the first place I ever learned, thanks to Ray and Nikki B I still have some hard feelings against that place... I hadn't been for a few years, and it deffidently showed, I thought I would be able to pick it up again, but I ate it almost as much as my first time... So unfortanatley I didn't impress dev like I was planing... After one that we went over the the Bowrings and just hung out and watched the slam dunk and relay contests, it was pretty entertaining. He got me a little wood thing that says "life is good" he says its for whenever I get stressed, so I will remember that and be ok. He also got me a vanilla cinnamon candle that smells amazing! So not exactly candles and roses, but Devin did a great job for our first married valentines! I better go cause it's long enough, I will try to keep it updated!


The Amazing Mumfords said...

Candle and a wood saying . . hm . . not bad. My first married valentine was a coffee mug with a fake rose in it. I can't believe you have accumulated that much stuff already! Good luck on the house hunting - it can be lots of fun . . until you write that big check!

Candice :) said...

I hear you on living with the inlaws, we're there, yet again! Sounds like a fun valentine's day! Let us know when you're moving and we'll come help!