Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween!

These are our pumkins! We carved them a little too early, so now they are already getting moldy and sunkin in, but I really felt like carving them that day, so I did. And how cute is that baby one?! I love Halloween, it's such a fun time of year! So what is everyone dressing up as? I need some suggestions, so if anyone has any good idea's let me know!


Scott and Andrea said...

I didn't know your hair was so blonde it looks cute! How did you make your pumpkins so cute, mine looked like crap!

Scott and Andrea said...

ps...I'm jealous of your kitchen, I want a cute house! I do like our new apartment but it's nothing fabulous really.

The Amazing Mumfords said...

I'm Cleopatra this year, and Danielle said she might be a flower.
- Jacqueline